Cancer Center
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Cancer Team Members


Our Cancer Team includes multidisciplinary medical professionals who work as a team with you to ensure that you have the treatment and support you need.

Medical Oncologists specialize in treating cancer with chemotherapy, the use of drugs to kill cancer cells. Your medical oncologist will explain your diagnosis, discuss treatment options and recommend an appropriate course of treatment for your individual case.

Meet the Memorial Medical Oncologists

Radiation Oncologists specialize in treating cancer with radiation, the use of high-energy particles to kill cancer cells. Your radiation oncologist will provide guidance and consultation related to diagnosis, treatment, symptom management and control.

Meet the Memorial Radiation Oncologists

Radiation Therapists are licensed in the treatment and delivery of radiation therapy.

Dosimetrists are certified in radiation therapy treatment planning. As certified dosimetrists, they assist in the planning of the prescribed dosages and angles of your radiation treatment.

Medical Physicists assure safe delivery of high quality radiation therapy. They provide consultative services for treatment planning, treatment implementation and radiation safety.

The Nurse Navigator assists the patient by explaining, guiding and coordinating each phase of care, from diagnosis and treatment through follow-up.

Nursing Staff assists with patients during and following treatment, administer chemotherapy and other treatments and provide patient care and support.

Dieticians play an important role in the treatment of cancer. Registered and licensed, they provide counseling and guidance on your nutritional needs throughout all phases of your treatment.

Office Staff assists patients with scheduling, securing necessary health documents prior to treatment planning and verifying insurance benefits.

Social Services professionals offer psychosocial support and assistance for patients and families.